A collection of work including special orders

Approximately 100 masks donated to a New Mexico organization dedicated to distributing masks and other PPE to the Indigenous People of New Mexico.

The first masks made.  I quickly realized the accordion style mask was not going to work for me so I came up with my own style which felt like it covered more securely - and didn't break my needles.

Special Request - a mask containing the drawing used for a memorial service.  This was a challenge due to the detail and size of the finished mask but it turned out well and the customer was pleased.

I was asked if I could make a mask with a straw hole - challenge accepted!  I ended up making several of these special masks.

I try to be zero-waste with my creations.  Since April, I've made over 1500 masks and have saved every scrap of fabric and discarded thread.  These Mask Pouches were made from the scraps.  They're available for purchase!

Custom masks made for a new, local non-profit.  Approximately 80 masks, in three different prints, were made.

Special Order - approximately 40 of these pretty, sequined masks were made as baby shower favors and tokens of thanks for gifts received.

These are now available in our shop!

Special Order - personalized masks for a local hunter and his wife.  They were thrilled with the masks!

Special Request - adding a photo to a mask; favorite TV show from this customer's childhood.

A happy customer with her rose-gold on black, Chingona mask.

A happy customer with her metallic silver on black, Chula mask

A happy customer - "La Loba Blanca" with her Chinga la Migra mask

We are not just mask-makers!  This custom designed Corona de Flores (flower crown) and Corazon (heart) were made for a maternity photo-shoot.  The corazon was worn on her belly for some of the photos.

Special order for a local restaurant. Forty masks for their employees containing their hashtag #GoEpicOrStayHome

Blinged-out selfie!

A set of masks gifted to a special co-worker.  He jokingly asked for a blue wave mask so I made it for him in addition to the drummer and corvette masks (he's a drummer and he drives a vette).  He was pleasantly surprised - it made his day.

Really love how this special request turned out.  She wanted a light/bright blue mask with a guitar on it.  I added four - she was happy with it. 

A back-to-school request for masks as well as a matching "bear family" set for the whole family.

This Peppa Pig coordinating pillow pocket and baby doll was a fun project.  The back of the pillow has a pocket into which the doll easily fits.  Great gift for any child who loves dolls.

Contact us if you'd like a pillow pocket & baby doll set made for your little someone.

This memory pillow was made for a dear friend from her loved one's shirt.  On the back we added text: "When you need a hug, hold me tight. I am here."

Contact us if you'd like a memory pillow made.

Made from the scraps of the memory pillow, two little elephants.  The ears were made from the collar and the tails were seam scraps.  A perfect memento to help remember.

Special order for a trucking company.  Made in a variety of sizes with both a black and blue base mask.  Made from a snapshot of a tshirt.

Any Vincentians out there?  Special mask made for someone from St Vincent & the Grenadines

This special request was a real test.  The original file was pixelated in a manner that made it quite the challenge.  It required some detailed touch-ups and cutting my hand.  This was an enjoyable challenge.

Custom mask made using the photo of a tattoo.  The photo was cropped and edited to create the image added to the "galaxy" print mask.  A fun, challenging project!